The Discovery

In the late 1990s, George Dodson of Sleepy Hollow Nursery and Fernando Campbell Boyd III of Boyd Nursery joined efforts to patent a new and exciting cultivar of the ‘Sweet Bay Magnolia.’ Dense, short, and extremely hardy, the evergreen plant was first discovered by George Dodson in a block of seedlings at Sleepy Hollow Nursery. After observing the plant for several years, George displayed the evergreen to Joe Fore, a landscaper from East Tennessee, who was touring the farm. George expressed his opinion that the new name needed to contain the words ‘sweet’ or ‘bay’–since the unnamed variety was a ‘Sweet Bay Magnolia.’ Out of the blue, Joe suggested the name ‘Sweet Thing,’ and the name stuck! George and Campbell would go on to form a partnership to promote and develop this new variety. Work started with the trial and error of reproducing the plant. After Campbell successfully developed a reliable method of propagation, the ‘Sweet Thing’™ was ready for the patent process and retail.

Notes and observations about the original plant continue to be made. The tree has cream-colored, lemon-scented flowers throughout the summer. It tolerates shearing, but it requires none to remain full. It can also be grown as a substitute for Holly and Laurel hedges. While the tree prefers wet, well-drained soil, the plant tolerates any soil type. It is an ideal evergreen foundation plant and can also live in large pots on patios with no protection. As further proof of its hardiness, ‘Sweet Thing’™ roots have been exposed to -10 degrees Fahrenheit when left outside in pots over the winter–with absolutely no damage. It also has no known disease or pest problems. It is a strong growing, very tough and versatile plant. For more information on this plant and the story of its discovery, visit…www.sweetthingmagnolia.com

Retail Packages

Wholesale Quantities

Boyd Nursery Company is excited to announce we are now offering a limited quantity of field-grown wholesale ‘Sweet Thing’™ Magnolias. We encourage appointments for those interested in tagging their own trees. Pricing is negotiable. Contact us for details!

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