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Wholesale Ground Covers, Ivies, & Wildflowers

Boyd Nursery Company proudly offers a wide variety of native ground covers, ivies, and wildflowers supplied by local bush pullers. We ship to nurseries, landscape contractors, architects, developers, and landscapers all over the country, and can ship year round. Many of our ground covers and ivies are available for purchase through our online shopping cart at wholesale pricing.


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Let us source your plants from our propagation greenhouse or our independent bush pullers.


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Ground Covers, Ivies, and Wildflowers Pricing - Spring 2021

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Botanical Name & DescriptionCommon NameProduct DescriptionPrice per 100 PlantsPrice per 1000 Plants
Actaea racemosaBlack Cohosh1 bulb
Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegatum'Goutweed1 & 2 yr Field Grown Crowns
Ajuga reptans 'Bronze Beauty' (Buy Online)Bronze Beauty Carpet Bugle1 & 2 yr Field Grown Crowns$48.00$360.00
Ajuga reptans 'Burgandy Glow'Burgandy Glow Carpet Bugle1 yr Field Grown Crowns
Anemone quinquefoliaWood Anemone1 bulb
Aquilegia canadensisEastern Red Columbine1 bulb
Arisaema triphyllumJack in the Pulpit1 bulb
Aruncus dioicusGoat's Beard1 bulb
Asarum canadenseCanadian Wild Ginger1 bulb
Caulophyllum thalictroidesBlue Cohosh1 bulb
Chelone glabraWhite Turtlehead1 bulb
Claytonia virginicaSpring Beauty1 bulb
Convallaria majalisLily-of-the-Valley1 bulb
Dicentra canadensisSquirrel Corn1 bulb
Dodecatheon meadiaShooting Star1 bulb
Euonymus fortunei coloratus (Buy Online)Purple-leaf Wintercreeper6 - 18" sand rooted$47.50$360.00
Eustoma exaltatumCatchfly Prairie Gentain1 bulb
Geranium maculatumSpotted Geranium1 bulb
Hedera helix (Buy Online)English Ivy6 - 18" sand rooted$47.50$360.00
Hemerocallis fulvaOrange Daylily1 bulb
Hepatica acutilobaSharp Lobed Hepatica1 bulb
Hepatica americanaRound Lobed Hepatica1 bulb
Hepatica nobilisLiverleaf1 bulb
Hydrastis canadensisGoldenseal1 bulb
Hymenocallis occidentalisSpider Lily1 bulb
Iris cristataDwarf Crested Iris1 bulb
Jeffersonia diphyllaTwin Leaf1 bulb
Liatris spicataBlazing Star1 bulb
Lilium superbumTurks-Cap Lily1 bulb
Liriope muscariLily Turf1 - 2 bulbs
Liriope muscara 'Big Blue'Big Blue Lily Turf1 - 2 bulbs
Liriope muscari 'Variegata'Variegated Lily Turf1 - 2 bulbs
Liriope spicataCreeping Lily Turf1 - 2 bulbs
Lobelia cardinalisRed Cardinal1 bulb
Lobelia siphiliticaBlue Cardinal1 bulb
Lonicera japonica hallianaHalls Honeysuckleliners 1 - 3 branch
Lonicera japonica hallianaHalls Honeysucklebranched 3 - 5 stem
Mertensia virginicaVirginia Blue Bells1 bulb
Ophiopogon japonicusMondo Grass1 plant
Ornithogalum umbellatumStar of Bethlehem1 bulb
Pachysandra procumbens (Buy Online)Allegheny Spurge1 plant$118.00$800.00
Pachysandra terminalisJapanese Spurge1 plant
Parnassia glaucaGrass of Parnassus1 bulb
Parthenocissus tricuspidata (Buy Online)Boston Ivy1 plant$450$4500
Phlox paniculataTall Phlox1 bulb
Podophyllum peltatumMayapple1 bulb
Polemonium vanbruntiaeJacob's Ladder1 bulb
Polygonatum biflorumSolomon's Seal1 bulb
Rudbeckia hirtaBlack-eyed Susan1 bulb
Sanguinaria canadensisBloodroot1 bulb
Silene armeriaCatchily1 bulb
Silene virginicaFire Pink1 bulb
Sisyrinchium angustifoliumBlue-eyed Grass1 bulb
Spigelia marilandicaIndian Pink1 bulb
Stylophorum diphyllumPoppy1 bulb
Tiarella cordifoliaFoamflower1 bulb
Tradescantia virginianaSpiderwort1 bulb
Trillium erectumPurple Trillium1 bulb
Trillium flexipesDrooping Trillium1 bulb
Trillium recurvatumWood Lily1 bulb
Trillium sessileToadshade1 bulb
Uvularia sessilifoliaDwarf Merry Bells1 bulb
Vinca major (Buy Online)Big Leaf Periwinkle1 plant$100.00$800.00
Vinca minor (Buy Online)Lesser Periwinkleliners 1 - 3 branchN/A$90.00
Vinca minor (Buy Online)Lesser Periwinkleliners 3 - 6 branchN/A$120.00
Vinca minor (Buy Online)Lesser Periwinkleclumps 6 - 8 lead$30.00$150.00
Vinca minor (Buy Online)Lesser Periwinkleclumps 8 - 10 lead$35.00$180.00
Vinca minor (Buy Online)Lesser Periwinkleclumps 10 - 12 lead$40.00$210.00
Vinca minor (Buy Online)Lesser Periwinkleclumps 12 - 15 lead$50.00$250.00
Vinca minor (Buy Online)Lesser Periwinkleclumps 15 - 20 lead$60.00$280.00
Vinca minor (Buy Online)Lesser Periwinkleclumps 20 - 30 lead$70.00$350.00
Viola pedataBird's Foot Violet1 bulb
Viola pubescensYellow Violet1 bulb
Viola striataWhite Violet1 bulb