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American Holly Pollinator

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Ilex opaca male

American Hollies are dioecious in nature. This means that male and female flowers are produced on separate plants and both are fundamentally required to reproduce. Male hollies are often not much to write home about, but they are a necessary piece to producing the showy red berries American Hollies are most known for. For more information about the American Holly, please visit Planting instruction can be found at


Diseases & Insects

Holly leaf miner, bud moth, scales, beetles, whitefly, berry midge, southern red mite, tar spot, leaf spots, cankers, bacterial blight, twig die back, spot anthracnose, leaf rot, leaf drop, powdery mildews, spine spot (nonparasitic) and leaf scorch (physiological); leaf miner and scale are particularly troublesome




Flowers are staminate in 3 to 9 flowered cymes; pistillate solitary; flowers are dull white with yellow pollen tipped anthers; about the latest evergreen holly to flower around May

Growth Rate

Hardiness Range

zone 5a – 9b *need help finding your hardiness zone?


Leaves are alternate, simple, evergreen, elliptic, and 1.5-3.5" long and half as wide; with remote spiny teeth, leaves are glossy, dark green and have a slight curl to the edges

Plant Type

Primary Features



20-30 feet tall at maturity with 15-20 foot spread

Sun Requirement


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