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Sweet Thing Magnolia Introduced

Campbell Boyd of Boyd Nursery Company and George Dodson of Sleepy Hollow Nursery patent the Sweet Thing Magnolia on April 15, 2004. After George discovers the tree in a block of seedlings that were planted in 1990 at Sleepy Hollow Nursery, Campbell manages its successful propagation. The tree has cream-colored, lemon-scented flowers throughout the summer […]

Welcome to the World Wide Web

From 1995 to 2001, Campbell Boyd learns the ins and outs of early website design at his Black Walnut, Inc. site. With the aid of website designer Patrick Pedigo, Campbell Boyd offers retail and wholesale options online. After inheriting Boyd Nursery Company, is launched in 2004. Early site versions require customers to call-in or […]

Our Second Wind

Forging his own path, the grandson of FC Boyd, Fernando Campbell “Campbell” Boyd, III, starts Black Walnut Inc. in 1995. After successfully operating the business for six years, Campbell Boyd inherits the Boyd Nursery Company name in 2001.

Purple Glory Dogwood Introduced

First observed by Clark C. Boyd as a chance seedling in 1966, Boyd Brothers Nursery patents the Purple Glory Dogwood on March 2, 1979. With leaves that are dark purple in coloration and blossoms of four dark red bracts, the plant offers a unique appeal for dogwood enthusiasts to this day. Its plant patent number […]

A Difficult Decision

On December 31, 1973, Boyd Nursery Company merges with Harvest Corporation of Nashville, Tennessee. In announcing the merger, Henry N. Boyd states that Harvest Corporation will serve as the holding company and Boyd Nursery as the operating company. Unfortunately, the agreement results in disaster. Shortly after the merger, Harvest Corporation goes bankrupt. The Boyd farm […]

First Lady Dogwood Introduced

FC Boyd, Jr. on behalf of Boyd Nursery Company patents the First Lady Dogwood. The cultivar, first discovered in 1957 and observed flowering in 1967, is noted for its distinctive features. The tree has brilliant green and golden variegated foliage, white flowers, and maroon and pink fall color. Its plant patent number is #2916, registered […]

Delegation is Key

After a decline in health, FC Boyd turns the business and its management over to his sons, Henry N. Boyd, J. Austin Boyd, Fernando Campbell “Junior” Boyd, Jr., and Clark C. Boyd.

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Farm

FC Boyd expands the rapidly growing company to Morrison, Tennessee. During the Second World War, operations on the farm continue in a limited role. FC Boyd’s sons, Robert (navy), Austin (army), Clark (army), and Hubert (army) proudly serve. Boyd Nursery Company participates in Victory Garden activities. By the early 1960s, Boyd Nursery Company employs nearly […]

Boyd Nursery Company est.

In 1929, JR Boyd purchases Forest Nursery Company interests from FC Boyd. FC Boyd forms Boyd Nursery Company with the focus interest on mail order retail nursery stock. FC Boyd locates his new business in Depot Bottom of Warren County. His first mail order catalog (printed in glorious color) nearly bankrupts the infant company as […]

Changing of the Guard

Sons of JHH Boyd, Fernando Campbell ‘FC’ Boyd, Sr. (1888) and James Reed ‘JR’ Boyd (1890) purchase Forest Nursery and Seed Company back from A.P. Hill and become partners at Forest Nursery and Seed Company – Boyd Brothers – working alongside their father until his death on February 21, 1924 (learn more about JHH Boyd). […]